November 16, 2022

Photography masterclass for Vanuatu businesses

David Kirkland

Pacific Trade Invest New Zealand is hosting a two-day Photography workshop with renowned photographer David Kirkland in Port Vila, Vanuatu on December 1-2, 2022.

The workshop is designed to take the mystery out of photography and teach participants what they need to know about using a camera to make their business more successful. Whether participants are just using a smart phone or a larger camera, whether they are amateurs or serious photographers wanting to become professional, this masterclass will fast-track their ability to do so.

“Digital technology and the internet are providing unprecedented opportunities for businesses to promote their products and services on the international stage. It can become competitive so businesses should be encouraged to lift their game and ensure the imagery they are using is compelling and hitting the mark to gain the necessary attention,” says Glynis Miller, Trade Commissioner for PTI NZ.

“The Photography Masterclass is not just to teach participants to use their camera and capture better photographs, but to capture whatever they are selling to give their business the best chance of looking appealing to the market they are looking to attract,” says David Kirkland.

Kirkland is a professional photographer having worked across in the Pacific for more than two decades, primarily working in the tourism, communications, media and banking sectors. Seventeen books have been published of his photographs to date, and he is in the final stages of publishing a new coffee table book on Vanuatu (

To apply for the Photography Masterclass online, click (

or email before 28 November 2022. 

Workshop programme can be accessed via (

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